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Introducing Our Local Partners: Waku & Jaju Pierogi

Introducing Our Local Partners: Waku & Jaju Pierogi

The root of what we do is summarized with Eat. Real. Food. It’s our slogan and our way of life. Along with the health benefits of sourcing locally, we also believe in the economic benefits of supporting our community. 

Now more than ever it’s important to help our neighbors, and we have some pretty awesome ones. Whether sharing their offers in our Farm Fresh Baskets or in our curated lunch delivery service, we’re proud to have amazing local partners to work with. Here are a few.


You may recall Waku’s story in our full feature, but it’s worth repeating. Co-founders Juan Giraldo and Nico Estrella grew up drinking the “wellness tea” of their native Equador. After relocating to Boston, they were determined to bring the tea with them.

The duo then trekked across Ecuador to find a tea blend that best represented el agua que cura, “the water that heals.” They found the perfect blend and struck a partnership with several independent Andes farmers so their teas would be sourced from authentic medicinal herbs and flowers while supporting the livelihoods of people in their homeland.

Waku’s tea is a healing blend of 20 herbs and flowers, including dried mint, Escanel, rose petals, and lemongrass that brings balance to your gut with a refreshing, smooth taste. Waku (WAH-KOO) hails from Quechua, the language spoken by indigenous people from the central Andes Mountains. It means “together,” which is what the company hopes to promote: togetherness. Check out their spotlight in the Boston Globe!

Jaju Pierogi

Jaju Pierogi’s story begins more than seventy years ago when a group of siblings started a Polish food business in western Massachusetts. Decades later, Vanessa and Casey spent their weekends cutting, stuffing, and sealing pierogi in the back kitchen along with their grandfather, “Jaju,” and his other now elder siblings from the business.

All grown up, the sisters moved to Boston where they ran into a problem. They couldn’t find good pierogi! Growing weary of waiting for deliveries from their mom, they dug out their grandfather’s handwritten recipes and got cooking.

Since starting Jaju Pierogi in 2015, flavors have expanded to include potato and cheese, sweet potato and caramelized onion, jalapeno cheddar, spinach and feta, and more. Each pierogi is made from scratch from simple ingredients and frozen to ensure freshness. Cooking takes about 10 minutes!

We’re delighted to partner with Waku and Jaju Pierogi, and hope you enjoy a taste of what they offer in your Farm Fresh basket! Let us know what you think by commenting below.


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