About Us


We source perfect produce, directly sourced from farms in the Northeast.

Working in tandem with our partner farms, Rootastes Fresh Baskets chooses the best seasonal produce available for your weekly delivery. Expect a rotating selection of vegetables and fruit that change according to the season.

We love food. For us, a big part of loving food is knowing the farmers who grow what we eat.

We want you to be able to know these people too. So we're building a company where the people who grow food and the people who eat food are as connected as possible.


Come From Farms That


  • do not use genetically modified seed varieties.
  • are concerned with maintaining and improving the health of the soil and the environment.
  • harvest crops to order at the peak of ripeness, for the best flavor and nutrition.


Whenever We Can, We Buy From Farms That


  • use no - or low - spray growing practices.
  • are working toward closed loop systems, minimizing external inputs (like synthetic fertilizers) and waste outputs.


Always Come From Animals That Are


  • treated humanely at all stages of life.
  • not caged.
  • given ample access to range, open pastures and forage whenever weather and health conditions permit.
  • not given sub-therapeutic, preemptive antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones (like rBST).
  • lucky to have never spent time in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Whenever We Can, We Buy From Farms That


  • feed their animals locally grown or certified organic non-GMO grain. All of our milk, eggs and meat come from farms that do not use GMO feed.


Always Come From Producers That Are


  • exclusively make small batch, handmade foods.
  • mindfully source their ingredients, avoiding GMOs, and take advantage whenever possible of local or seasonal ingredients.
  • do not use chemical preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • view their business practices holistically, considering how their companies make social, economic, and environmental impacts.


Comes From Fisheries That


  • are chosen based on the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program which relies on regionally specific ecosystem-based criteria that is based on peer reviewed science.
  • are run by the families that own their own fishing boats.
  • do not administer antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.
  • engage in improvement projects which are catalyzing positive change in fishing practices and increasing the populations of threatened species.

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